2009 Visit to Kawasaki 2

I went to the Costco in Kawasaki and took some pictures along the way.  Interestingly enough, the main fire station next door to the Costco was having some fire rescue drills when I arrived.

The Clock at Kawasaki Station

The Clock at Kawasaki Station

2 thoughts on “2009 Visit to Kawasaki

  1. Reply Macsubi Jun 5,2009 6:43 AM

    Hi Route,

    How would you rate the Costco as a place of interest? Is the standard US issued card the same and accepted? At least I know we will be fire protected.


  2. Reply route246 Jun 5,2009 7:11 AM

    It’s only a place of interest if you need something from there, otherwise it looks very much like any other Costco. The US-issued card can be used without issues. They accept Amex or cash.

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