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Update: A 2010 version is here.

The 2009 Tokyo Michelin Guide has hotel ratings.   I am a little surprised that the Imperial, Strings and Cerulean Tower are in the 4th group, ranked pretty far down the list.  I think the Okura is exactly where it should be, the top of the second group and I believe that the Imperial and Cerulean Tower should also be in that group.  If you are a fan of Tokyo like me, I urge you to buy this book.  It has great reviews of very fine restaurants in it.  The hotel entries are a bonus in the back of the book.

5 red stars

  1. Mandarin Oriental
  2. Ritz-Carlton
  3. Four Seasons Chinzanso
  4. Peninsula
  5. Conrad
  6. Grand Hyatt
  7. Park Hyatt
  8. Four Seasons Marunouchi

5 black stars

  1. Okura
  2. Seiyo Ginza

4 red stars

  1. Westin
  2. New Otani (The Main)

4 black stars

  1. Prince Park Tower
  2. Nikko
  3. Intercontinental Tokyo Bay
  4. Imperial
  5. Grand Pacific Le Daiba
  6. Hilton
  7. Cerulean Tower
  8. Strings
  9. Royal Park
  10. ANA Intercontinental

3 red stars

  1. Marunouchi

3 black stars

  1. Keio Plaza
  2. Agnes
  3. Meguro Gajoen
  4. Mitsui Garden Ginza
  5. Hyatt Regency
  6. Royal Park Shiodome Tower
  7. Century Southern Tower

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  1. Reply Anonymous Jun 6,2009 11:47 AM

    I agree that the MO should be at the top of the heap. Other than the slightly inconvenient location, it is a really nice hotel, although it is international and cosmopolitan in ambience and does not distinguish itself as being Japanese when you’re there.

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