Choosing a Hotel in Japan

In the TripAdvisor forums one of the most frequently asked questions is about lodging choices.  Unfortunately, most of the time there is not enough detail of requirements so reponses become disorganized and inappropriate.  Please include as much of the following information as possible in your request:

  • Occupancy – single, double, family, etc.?  How many in your party?  How many rooms do you require?
  • What is your gender(s)?
  • Budget – what is the upper limit per night/room?
  • Can you sleep on tatami or do you require a western-style bed?
  • Age bracket – how old are you and any members of your party?
  • Nighttime Behavior – do you stay out after the last train (12:00 midnight), can you afford an expensive taxi ride to return?
  • Preferences – museums, temples, shrines, urban/suburban exploration, shopping, etc.
  • Breakfast requirements – do you require breakfast?
  • Food – can you eat what the locals eat?
  • Flight arrival and departure time
  • Luggage size – do you pack light or heavy?

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