Excellent Lens Filter Comparison

I found an article about lens filters that actually has a ranking based on multiple factors.  The article is quite detailed and I used the rankings to upgrade my UV filters for my lenses.  My current gear list has all of my glass listed in detail with reviews of each lens.  I decided that this investment warranted the acquisition of some decent UV filters.  With so many conflicting opinions, so many choices I decided to use one authoritative source to choose the model and live with it.

Basically, the top 3 rankings are here:

  Filter Result Result [%] Price[PLN]  
1 Hoya 72 mm HMC UV-0 36 90 79 Test
  Hoya 72 mm Pro1 Digital MC UV-0 36 90 155 Test
2 Hoya 72 mm HMC Super UV-0 35 88 109 Test

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