South Entrance/Exit at JR Shinjuku Station

This post is about the south entrance/exit at JR Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. This is the entrance sometimes referred to as “Lumine 2″


This is looking directly east with your back facing the station. The bridge on the right side is Koshu Kaido. The exact location of these first two shots is here.


This is looking slightly to the southeast towards Takashimaya Times Square. You can’t see Takashimaya Times Square because it is obscured by other buildings. See the google maps link above for a better perspective.


This is the south (or southeast) entrance to JR Shinjuku Station, also known as Lumine 2. I believe the “real” south entrance is around the corner from this small entrance along Koshu Kaido, however, I’m highlighting this south entrance because of the proximity to the elevator going to the NEX platform, the coin lockers and Lumine 2. If you tell someone you need to get to “Lumine 2″ it will probably be much more clear than telling them you need to get to the south exit.


This is just inside the wickets facing towards the west side of JR Shinjuku Station.


This last shot is the most important. It’s from inside facing out towards where the first two shots were taken. Notice the elevator straight ahead. That’s how you get down to the NEX platform. Additionally, notice the coin lockers just to the right of the elevator. Those are very useful for stashing luggage prior to departure on the NEX. I’ve used those lockers three different times when departing from Shinjuku and they always seem to be free in the morning whenever I need them. This shot was taken late Saturday morning after 11:00 according to the clock and there were still lockers available. I don’t think this is a popular place for locals to leave their stuff.

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