Osaka Castle Visit

Day 7 Post
Note: This is from a series of trip reports from my January 2010 Tokyo Trip. They are random musings about whatever seems interesting for that day.

On Day 7 I visited Osaka Castle. I didn’t pay to go up to the top because I was told it’s a concrete replica and not very interesting. The thing that really impressed me was the number of arborists around trimming the trees. I watched them work for quite some time and couldn’t figure out what they were doing but the end result is beautiful.


View of Osaka Castle from the main courtyard.


View of the castle keep and moat.


The moat was undergoing maintenance when I was there. There was actually a team of maintenance workers rappelling up and down the keep, cleaning out the clutter and overgrowth.


I mentioned the arborists trimming the trees. They do a spectacular job, working quickly and making it look easy.

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