Deer at Nara Park

Day 8 Post

Note: This is from a series of trip reports from my January 2010 Tokyo Trip. They are random musings about whatever seems interesting for that day.

On day 8 I made a side trip to Nara.  This entry focuses on the deer.  The Todaiji and the Buddha is pretty spectactular but the deer are really something that people from the US and other western countries can’t quite get used to.  Deer where I come from won’t get within 100 meters of a human being.  The deer in Nara actually started biting the back of my legs looking for food.  I had to hit them and kick them to get them away.  It’s a friendly attack but the pinches were painful just the same.


The deer are ubiquitous as you enter the park.


There are a few senbei (crackers) sellers around the park. The deer know this and they are like birds at a park waiting for bread crumbs.


These deer are incredibly tame. You can walk right up to them and pet them on the head. They are not always happy about this but I never saw one run away, even from noisy children who tried to scare them. They are simply at peace with themselves here.

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