Tonkatsu at Sueyoshi

Day 11 Post
Note: This is from a series of trip reports from my January 2010 Tokyo Trip. They are random musings about whatever seems interesting for that day.

Seems like an annual event now but on day 11 I went to Akasaka to visit my second favorite tonkatsu restaurant in the world (Katsuretsu-an being my favorite).  I posted a mention of this restaurant here last year. Sueyoshi is a local institution.  One of my oldest co-workers who first brought me to this shop about 25 years ago was amazed that it is still open given the turnover of restaurants after The Bubble burst.  This one does it the same way that Katsuretsu-an does it.  Offer a fine product at a fair price, provide stellar service and be 100% consistent from day to day.  I had the Y1100 lunch special (good on Saturdays) and with it two extra heaps of cabbage and one extra bowl of rice.  I walked out of there stuffed to the gills, especially from the three servings of cabbage.  There was a guy in there earlier who had four servings of cabbage.  He was amazing.


Entrance to the restaurant.


Counter decorations.


Long time chef.


The lunch special, unlimited cabbage and rice, Y1100. Gochiso sama deshita.


Regular prices.

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