Mountain Climbers in Yamanashi

Day 12 Post

Note: This is from a series of trip reports from my January 2010 Tokyo Trip. They are random musings about whatever seems interesting for that day.

On Day 12 I went to the family compound in Torisawa which is near Otsuki in Yamanashi Prefecture. Torisawa Station on the Chuo Line is a destination for many mountain climbers. They are all ages but the one consistency is that they are decked out with the latest gear and clothing, many US and European branded gear and extremely well prepared for any sudden changes of weather (hardly a threat at this low altitude, though). I’m very impressed with their focus and devotion to their hobby.


Some climbers exiting the train.


Climbers crossing over the tracks at the station to the exit.


Gathering together at the station.


Heading up Route 20 to the mountain.

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