100-yen Shop in Akihabara 1

Day 13 Post

Note: This is from a series of trip reports from my January 2010 Tokyo Trip. They are random musings about whatever seems interesting for that day.

On day 13, my getaway day, I left my bags at Keisei Nippori and headed to Akihabara for lunch and some final omiyage (souvenir) shopping. In the passage way between JR Akihabara Station and Showa Dori (on the way to Yodobashi Camera under the Sobu Line tracks) I spotted this 100-yen shop and picked up a few small things including some Japanese candy, office supplies and some handkerchiefs. I then headed to up to the restaurant floor inside of Yodobashi Camera and enjoyed sushi for lunch (subject of another post).

This is the underground passage way below Showa Dori between JR Akihabara Station and the east side of Showa Dori leading to the main entrance of the new Yodobashi Akiba store.

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