Nokke-don in Aomori

I visited the Aomori Gyosai Center and enjoyed Nokke-don which is a process where you have a do-it-yourself bowl of rice topped with fish and seafood of your choosing. There are numerous blogs describing this. Do a search like this and you will see many entries.

The google maps street view is here

DSCF1764  Very heavy snow on the day I went.


DSCF1769Buy these tickets and load up your bowl of rice.

DSCF1770Typical vendor selling fish.

DSCF1771Another vendor.

DSCF1772And another.

DSCF1773And another.


DSCF1777The market looks like this.

DSCF1778And this.

DSCF1779And this.

DSCF1780And this.

DSCF1783I had a few coupons leftover so I got some o-toro.  Incredibly fresh and delicious.

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