Ueno Shoryu Gyoza Restaurant

There is a wonderful gyoza restaurant buried inside of the Ameyoko marketplace in Ueno.  You might walk by it a hundred times and never notice it.  The queues can be quite long during meal times because seating is very limited but it is well worth the wait.   Google search references are here.   Google streetview is here.

DSCF1819Order “Gyoza rice omori” (omori if you want large rice)

DSCF1821Preparing the gyoza

DSCF1822They also server ramen and yakisoba

DSCF1823The seating is tight but not uncomfortable

DSCF1825Preparing the gyoza

DSCF1826These gyoza are quite large and oversized

DSCF1827The kitchen and to-go area

DSCF1828Front facade

DSCF1830Your view while waiting in line


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