Kiraku Ramen Shop – Torisawa, Yamanashi-ken


There is a non-descript ramen shop about 75 meters from JR Torisawa Station called Kiraku that specializes in cha-shu pork.  The thick chunks are extremely tasty and amazingly tender.  The ramen and fried rice is competent but nothing special.  The cha-shu pork is special.  Japanese Gourmet Navi entry is here.  The google maps street view is here and it is up this street on the right side.

DSCF1972Front entrance to Koraku

DSCF1973Preparation in the kitchen

DSCF1974Front dining area

DSCF1979Fried rice

DSCF1980Combination ramen and fried rice

DSCF1981Cha-shu pork, the house specialty

DSCF1982Noren at entrance

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