Zojirushi I-Pot 2

Zojirushi I-Pot
One very cool device “only in Japan” is the I-Pot made by Zojirushi.  A few years back, my wife and I bought one for my mother-in-law after she became a widow and began living alone.  Her I-Pot was such a hit with her that she took over the payments from us (avoiding currency exchange problems, ...

PS3 Gran Turismo Route 246 Course 2

PS3 Gran Turismo Route 246 Course
I became a fan of the Gran Turismo series of games over ten years ago on the original Sony Playstation.  It was and is pretty much the gold standard of how a console video game should play.  I became intrigued with one of the courses which is called Route 246 in the game and traverses ...

Homes in Koyasu 2

Homes in Koyasu
These pictures are from an old article I posted on the original sotobori.com website.  These homes are sandwiched between the Keikyu and JR tracks in Koyasu.

Tokyo Kur Onsen Under Tokyo Station 1

Tokyo Kur Onsen Under Tokyo Station
Many people don’t realize this but there used to be an onsen under Tokyo Station.  It was called Tokyo Kur, open to men only and offered baths, shiatsu and akasuri massage.  Sadly, it has closed. Excerpted from the Japan Times, Sunday, Oct. 7, 2001: Tokyo Kur by Tokyo Onsen — This sauna-spa is for men ...

Dried Scallops at Ameyoko

Dried Scallops at Ameyoko
One of my favorite omiyage are dried scallops from Hokkaido, sold at Ameyoko in these large bags, individually wrapped tender morsels.  They are Y2000/bag and the price hasn’t changed in the 20+ years that I’ve been buying them.

Homes Under Keio Line Tracks

Homes Under Keio Line Tracks
There are some homes adjacent to Keio Takao Station that are built directly under the Keio Line railroad tracks.  These homes absorb quite a bit or rumble and shaking when a train passes overhead.  This is a truly stunning example of how precious land can be in Tokyo.