Zojirushi I-Pot 2

Zojirushi I-Pot
One very cool device “only in Japan” is the I-Pot made by Zojirushi.  A few years back, my wife and I bought one for my mother-in-law after she became a widow and began living alone.  Her I-Pot was such a hit with her that she took over the payments from us (avoiding currency exchange problems, ...

Tokyo 2009 – Top Hotels 3

Update: A 2010 version is here. The 2009 Tokyo Michelin Guide has hotel ratings.   I am a little surprised that the Imperial, Strings and Cerulean Tower are in the 4th group, ranked pretty far down the list.  I think the Okura is exactly where it should be, the top of the second group and I ...

Toyota Amlux Showroom

Toyota Amlux Showroom
I visited Toyota Amlux in Ikebukuro on a Saturday afternoon in early 2009.  This is by far the most extensive car showroom in the Tokyo area. It is amazing how many models Toyota manufactures.   The photo gallery is available for viewing.

Two Akasaka Restaurants 1

Two Akasaka Restaurants
I visited two restaurants in Akasaka that I used to frequent 20+ years ago.  One is Sueyoshi, a tonkatsu-ya and the other is Moti, the famous Indian restaurant chain.  Both are splendid in their own way.

2009 Tsukiji Fish Market Visit

2009 Tsukiji Fish Market Visit
Quite a few problems with overly aggressive tourists to Tsukiji Fish Market have caused restrictions on access and the aggressive banning of children in the inner market place recently.  You can see reports on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzBwtylHiqo You can see my gallery page for more pictures of my short visit in January 2009.

2009 Japan Trip Photo Gallery

I acquired a new full frame camera and requisite glass last year and took quite a few pictures, uploaded them to my personal gallery to share with anyone who is interested.  The gallery is self-explanatory.  I’ll be publishing separate blog articles for each of the gallery folders when I get a chance.

Route 246, Sotobori – I don’t get it

Years ago, prior to the commercialization of the world wide web and the ubiquitous nature of the Internet I acquired the domain sotobori.com.  Why sotobori.com?  I wanted something with a Tokyo theme but everything I could think of that was easy to say and spell was already taken.  Drat! I had worked for a company ...

Welcome to Japan

Welcome to Japan
People sometimes ask me what it’s like to go to Japan.  I tell them that I am almost always charged up with adrenaline and in a very upbeat mood when I arrive in spite of spending 11 hours on a plane which amounts to a very long day.  It is near midnight on my body ...

Favorite Japan Websites

Personal toolkit for looking up information on Japan, beyond google. Wikitravel Japan Section - a great user-contributed wiki dealing with travel Trip Advisor Japan Forums – user forums are the best anywhere News On Japan – a great collection of articles and links discussing news on Japan Japan Probe – another great collection of articles ...